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Parsha of the Week 
Queens – Mondays: 147-37 70th Avenue, Kew Gardens Hills, NY, 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Manhattan – Tuesdays: Cong. Adereth El, 135 E. 29th Street, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

This class will help you to grapple with the most difficult problems in the Torah (and to learn to study Torah on your own), by examining the sections of the Torah read on a weekly basis in synagogue.

Instructor: Rabbi Bob Garber
Contact: or call 718-268-2448

Talmuds Greatest Hits: Sundays at 9 PM
Rabbi Mat Hoffman reviews some of the most fascinating excerpts from Talmud. There will be stories, lessons and, from time to time there will even be some law, in the Torah Chat Room. 1 hour.
Instructor: Rabbi Mat Hoffman
On-line at – No Registration Required

Jewish Thought: The Calm and The Storm: Tuesdays at 10 PM
Rabbi Benjamin Hecht hares his insights and perspectives in the fields of Torah law and ethics and their interaction with the world political scene and the human condition, using stories and uplifting examples that will inspire those who are – or are not – already living a life of Torah to refresh their commitment, in the Torah Chat Room. 1 hour.
Instructor: Rabbi Benjamin Hecht
On-line at – No Registration Required

All classes are 1 hour and are held at Eastern Standard Time. is free to use but you must create a user name and password before attending your first class. Give yourself about 10 minutes to register and learn your way around. Advanced “class registration” is not required.

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