About Us

Our History
The Flame is a national organization that recently celebrated its twenty-seventh birthday. It is composed of individuals who are deeply concerned with Judaism and who care about other Jews; people who feel comfortable asking questions and exploring their Jewish identity. We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, based in Westchester. Our instructors come from all walks of life. They are educators, Rabbis and even lawyers.

Our Philosophy
Especially Now…Labels are for clothes, not Jews!

Aren’t you tired of being labeled? Aren’t you tired of squabbling among all the different movements? Particularly in this time of tragedy and challenge, we as a people simply cannot have this. We at the Flame Alternative Service have a solution. You see, we aren’t orthodox, conservative or reform, we’re just Jews. And we think that religious services should be about you – about your feelings, your thoughts, about being a better person and dealing with the tragedies and joyous events that we can share. You know, the real Jewish issues.

Maybe you’d like to join us at one of our Sabbath or High Holiday services. Our Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur services can’t be beat–they’re free! The services are so special that The New York Times, the Gannett papers and the Jewish Week ran stories on us. Every prayer is explained. We stop for questions. We combine the best of tradition with some dashes of modernity. We even have special separate programs for kids and free babysitting.

All those who help run our services are Jews like you, who hold down regular jobs (although maybe too many of them are lawyers). We understand your problems because we are out there living in your world. We also have year-round lectures and classes and can, if you like, provide one to one study partners for you or your kids anywhere in the country by phone or in person. All free.

But one thing… We’ll hang up your coat but we won’t check your label.

The Flame Alternative Service . . .

The Light of Jewish Wisdom